Do you want to give a gift to your friend?

We know a nice gift full of meaning, where you can have a really great time and get to know each other very well. 3KEYWORD board game is for you. After 3-5 questions easily, let’s ask 10-15 questions out of 100 questions, you can start to get to know a lot of emotional relationship data and your mutual personalities.

No monotonous question system, never boring. If you choose a good time, don’t really think of it as killing time, it won’t happen anyway, you will see that you come across a game that you can collect very full and good memories.

In the meantime, you can give this gift to yourself, you can use it at office parties by asking your friends, lover, colleagues, that is, general office workers. For example , one person reads the card , the ensemble is 30 people , let’s see who will have the best performance . Of course, no one has to know the questions, they may not remember it at that time, but there is the beauty, for example, when we test it ourselves, we may not know the questions after 2-3 weeks. We like it because we wanted it to be like this anyway, and the good thing is that it should work a little bit.

With this gift, you can get away from the classic gifts and suddenly another avenue to productivity can be opened. But it will be a meaningful gift, it can make you social, you can make yourself happy and it will be very nice to spend time by instilling health in your brains and having fun instead of wasting free time.



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